About Us

The main purpose of MAHA is to merge the best of two worlds: what we all want today, to be fashionable, with designs that identify us and stand out, but at the same time, satisfied with being able to consume sustainably, something that until now is still seen as black or white.
We want to create a community of women who value detailed design, those who are not afraid to dress as they please, to impose their style and make a difference, but with a sensitive and responsible side.
Our language has a fairly broad challenge because we cannot overlook the entire universe of fashion and its safe, original, and irreverent behavior, where through our designs, we transform the women who dare to wear them, making them talk wherever they are, but always emphasizing the importance of doing things right and for the sake of the planet.
Therefore, we are faced with two languages that must complement each other without interfering with each other.